A biased self-declarataion about myself.

By and about Alar H. Aksberg, A Positive Contrarian

A Biased Self Declaration.

The highest calling in Life is Practical Creativity. The search for and finding a Workable Solution is the highest level of Creativity. I am not a problem solver - I am a Solution Finder. Problems are nagging issues of the past, that will not change, regardless of how much we concentrate on them. 


Solution Finding is the deliberate, creative, process to create the conditions that permanently resolve the nagging issues. That means leaving the nagging issues behind, and instead look for the Solutions that will emerge


Love of Learning, Curiosity and Creativity are the curses of my life. Some think it must be wonderful to have those core talents at an extreme level. Because these talents breed wisdom and optimism, there is indeed lots of hope involved.

The Ultimate Purpose of Life is to inspire others to join this deliberate growth of the human condition. To be a catalyst for this change, and inspire others to do the same. In an ideal situation, this transfer of humanity should be financially self-sustaining and provide enough to maintain an ongoing long-term continuing reseach and refinement in the needed methods. 


On the other hand, there is no completion. There is always something more to discover, something newer to develop and higher level of creative drive. 


There are family stories about me tugging my moms skirt, asking questions from the day I could walk and talk. If we would have had a cat, I may have killed it, when I fell off some high shelf or other furniture, while looking for new discoveries.


I read lots. At minimum one book per weeks since high school. By now that means well over 2,500 books. Most is non-fiction about aspects of human life. Maybe two thirds about human interaction, and the rest basic science. 


I have discovered that most of the common claimed to be science is plain politics, not facts. Humanity is constantly defrauded by political dragonslayers who scare the unthinking population with new scares of the day.


My good fortune had me born in 1950 is Sweden, to Estonian parents. Then in 1982, I moved to Edmonton, Alberta, Western Canada. I am fully tri-lingual in the language and culture of Estonian, Swedish and high-energy, free-wheeling Alberta English speaking Canadian. 


When you know lots, others ask questions they think you have answers to. As one who knows, I prefer to give the correct answer. When I am not sure, I look for the science or other evidence that may support a correct answer. This is my secret to knowledge.


My study skills got refined by a chance discovery in advertising college. I aced the first quiz, and many in the class thought I knew the subject very well. They asked me questions. To give the correct answer, I had to study to keep my reputation up as an “expert”. A side-effect of that was that my grades also kept up. Try this study trick yourself – it works every time.


Other formal stuff I have dabbled in is other business administration, and have an OK education in accounting too. I thought I should try to be “normal” when I came to Edmonton. It was only later when I discovered that “normal” is the setting on my washing machine that provides lots of hot water and the fast spin-cycle. That means that I longer have to fake it, I am perfectly normal in my own opinion, just the way I come.


Creativity is the only tool I know of that gets sharper the more it is used. Contrary to popular belief, creativity cannot be enhanced chemically. The entire brain is involved in the creative process. All senses need to be active for optimum creative flow and maximizing the quality of output.


This is one major reason for why I no longer drink anything stronger than coffee, and stay away from anything else that may give some artificial rush. This has evolved into my support and volunteer work with various organizations related sober life styles.


This does not mean that I stay away from the creation of inner experiences to gain heavy jolts of adrenalin. Calculated risk is a fun hobby of mine. I enjoy stock car racing from the drivers seat in my # 51 (one above average) stock car and am involved as volunteer in the Wetaskiwin Stock Car Club, home of Edmonton International Raceway in Wetaskiwin. http://www.EdmontonRaceway.com

The search for Happiness is the strongest drive any human (and perhaps all animals) have. Happiness is not fun. They function in different levels of our being. In a computer analogy, fun is what we get from the computer by our own interaction with it.

Happiness resides in the machine code, and cannot be understood by the human mind. All the human gets from it the smooth operation of the computer = human mind and spirit.

The Meaning of Life is to create Meaning, Hope and Purpose.

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